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birthday blast from sky

hmm. nothing i could say at that moment. i just.....yeah i love you so much, sky! you're everything. you're my best friend ever in junior high school:') even though when december 20th, you're not with me all along that day. thanks for the cake, card and all you give to me. once again, i love you!


the last holiday...................haha was a great last holiday ever. Dina, Deby, Icha, Tiara, Faza and I went to Dunia Fantasi, Ancol, Jakarta Barat. and yeah we've a lot of picture. check this out!

happy new year 2012

happy new year 2012! hope your day full of happiness, wish nothing big problem, be better than before! hmm this is best new year ever! me&my family went to puncak... hmm yeah i took some pictures, here you are

happy 14th zhafvi<;-P


hmm December 20th 2011 was a best birthday i ever had! at the night, i sleep and yeah Faza was the first who say happy birthday to me at 00:00 and when i'm at face full of lipstick and flour. yeah 92 was make me happy at that day, but sky isn't give the best at that day but....its okay. hmm one thing, thanks to people who wish the best for me, i hope your day is full of happiness. check this out!;-)