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congratulation to me! yup, feeling sooo happy. omg unthernite passed together!!!! hmm i just wanna say thankyou so much, Allah who always give me the bes, Dad who always support me, & Teachers who always teach me. and also big thanks for my friendswho always accompany me, support me, and make my day amazing. thanks for all my family who wish the best for me. hmm yup, at June 2nd 00.00 i opened that website and.........unthernite passed 100%!!!! 

and at June 2nd's afternoon, i called my teacher ; asked for the result and how happy i am, how grateful i am i get 8.975, alhamdulillah!!!! i hope i can be accept at favorite senior high school, amin yaAllah. love You so much, God<3

hmm but now i'm not feel happy at all. suddenly a thing come around into my head... it is... yup it means i'll separate unthernite, negentwee, sky. thanks for all memories, sweet moment, pain, happiness, tears, jokes... thanks for 3 days in jogja. i'll never forget you all! love you soooooo m…

Sergio Aguero

well, it's June 2nd and it means......HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FAVORITE FOOTBALL PLAYER, Kun Aguero. you're the best, you're our hereos! keep awesome&strike the ball haha. you'll always be my favorite!!! much love from the citizens, mwah<3 

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