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wita's birthday blast

friday, february 10th 2012! happy 15th Wita! tons of wishes for youuuu. keep going with Qolbi....

Sidney, Deby, Keyna, Icha, Indan, Faza, Farhan, Aldi, Revi, Vito and I make a surprise of her at february 11th <;-p sorry if we made your new clothes full of flour, coffee powder, and egg. but what a funny day haha. oh ya i took some picture....check this out!

qolbi's birthday party

25 november 2012! happy 14th qolbi, wish you have a lot of happiness. wish this 2012 will be a lucky and best year for you. we love you ya. keep your relationship with wita. sorry if we didn't give you the best, but one thing that you must know, we always try to be your best;-) hmm but sidney can't come to qolbi's birthday-_- oh ya, i've took some picture, here you are...