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negentwee a.k.a IX.2, 12jhs Bekasi, 19generation. yuuup, this class is very unique haha. my class is between trophy's room & archives room. and also near teacher&headmaster's room. it almost 1 year we were being together. we were making a lot of memories. to me, this is the best class in 12jhs ever cause some people think we're solid =p haha. so, this is some pictures of 92 students...

Mrs. Nurhayati S.pd she's our beloved teacher, yaa sometimes she's so fastidious to us. but we know the reason why she always like this. yup, it because she loves us;p

big thanks for you all students of negentwee!!!! thanks for the memories, jokes, it'll be unforgettable memories especially for my best friend on that class, FazaWitaKeynaDebyImasIchaFarhanDeniLekongIraAldi and many more... you are all the best guys!!! i'm gonna miss ya