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negentwee a.k.a IX.2, 12jhs Bekasi, 19generation. yuuup, this class is very unique haha. my class is between trophy's room & archives room. and also near teacher&headmaster's room. it almost 1 year we were being together. we were making a lot of memories. to me, this is the best class in 12jhs ever cause some people think we're solid =p haha. so, this is some pictures of 92 students...

Mrs. Nurhayati S.pd
she's our beloved teacher, yaa sometimes she's so fastidious to us. but we know the reason why she always like this. yup, it because she loves us;p

big thanks for you all students of negentwee!!!! thanks for the memories, jokes, it'll be unforgettable memories especially for my best friend on that class, Faza Wita Keyna Deby Imas Icha Farhan Deni Lekong Ira Aldi and many more... you are all the best guys!!! i'm gonna miss ya


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April 20th 2011♕

#SKY isn't a group, we're just best friend who we give a name Since April, 20th 2011. we always play together. the member are :
Zhafira Wirananda (me)

Sidney Islam Widiaputri
Muhammad Ruvaldo Dennis
Fitria Ratih Perwitasari
Mirza Aulia Rahman
Qolbi Putrawan Yonanda
Pamindan Sih Pratiwi

everyday we play together, and just them i can forget my pain haha. i feel like a happy girl ever when i'm with #SKY. i love you just the way you are, big hug&much love for ya all!;-) @SKY200411


December 20th 2012...
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday... Happy Birthday Vivi!
yuuup now, i'm fifteen! I wish the best for me, and I hope my wishes come true, aamiin O:)
so, thankyou to my family&friends who wish the best for me, God bless you all. but this birthday it's not too special but i've a special gifts yippiiiiii! and the one and only awesome thing in school is...suddenly there's a person who said on the speaker "for Zhafira grade X4, happy birthday ya" hahaha thankyouuuu (again) guys! and here's the picture of my gifts...

the last words that i wanna say "THANKYOU SO MUCH!♥"