Saturday, December 22, 2012


December 20th 2012...
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday... Happy Birthday Vivi!
yuuup now, i'm fifteen! I wish the best for me, and I hope my wishes come true, aamiin O:)
so, thankyou to my family&friends who wish the best for me, God bless you all. but this birthday it's not too special but i've a special gifts yippiiiiii! and the one and only awesome thing in school is...suddenly there's a person who said on the speaker "for Zhafira grade X4, happy birthday ya" hahaha thankyouuuu (again) guys! and here's the picture of my gifts...

Manchester City Jersey (home)! AAAA thankyou dad!<3

this perfume is also from my dad hihi

this is from my little sister & my mom

greeting birthday card from my sister

when my sister gave me the gifts

this light sleeper is from my uncle. how amazing it is...

and the last picture, is from Audi and Audrey
the last words that i wanna say "THANKYOU SO MUCH!♥"

X4, 62shs Jakarta!

well... umm... long time no posting guys. btw, i want to post about my new friends on senior high school. the first time when I go to that school it feels like I want to go back to junior high school, because I thought that the friends just make me feel bored. as you know, I need a long time for adaptation. my friends think that i'm a quite girl on the first time because i'm not talk too much. but actually it's not like what they thought about me first. so, here's the picture about my new friends....

my chairmate, Claudia Stepany
Audrey Vania Marta

those girls and me are different class
freak webcam-_-
 so... what do you think about my new friends? but one thing that you all must know that I've to be grateful to have friend like them, they're soooooooooooo amazing♥