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unthernite goes to jogja

May, 05th 2012 unthernite goes to jogja. what an amazing trip guys, that was unforgettable memories<3 at 4 a.m we must arrived at school and then at 5 a.m we started went to jogja via pantura. on the bus, we laugh and play together. we singing, eat, watching music video, laugh, have some jokes, sleep and also took some pictures.
with dina keyna deby faza

with keyna & deby

yup and at 1 p.m we arrived at cirebon for having lunch. after that we went to jogja again and before we went to hotel, we come round to malioboro. and at 12a.m we arrived at the hotel in kaliurang. and then we sleep at 3a.m, and just woke up at 7a.m because we must having breakfast and then goes to Keraton.
at keraton
after from keraton, we went to kota gede and buying some souvenirs. and then we go back to hotel and prepared because at 7p.m we have farewell party or graduation. and yup, i feel like so freak to wear make up such as; eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush on, lipstick, etc. ohya, at the farewell party, Faza Icha Deby Keyna Bagas and I singing "I Will Fly - Ten2Five" represent negentwee on the stage. and here's some picture at the farewell party...
with faza deby bagas icha keyna

with #SKY<3
and yup, the farewell party ended at 11.30 p.m feel so tired but also excited. hmm like we used to, we sleep at 2 a.m even though tomorrow we must packing because we have to go back to jakarta. and we woke up at 7 a.m again. yup, we've breakfast, and then we checked out from the hotel. goodbye kaliurang...and welcome magelang! yup before we go to jakarta, we went to borobudur temple.
o.O ._.v


with faza & deby

we went to the temple by foot ya from the parking lot it's too far and it makes me feel thirsty and exhausted. after we went to borobudur, we having lunch and goes to Jatijajar's cave. we arrived at 5 p.m but i entered the cave when it's at 6 p.m yup feeling so scared but i feel curious too. hmm after we went to Jatijajar's cave, we go back to jakarta. and we arrived at jakarta at 7 a.m on Mei 8th 2012.

hmm actually i've a lot of pictures but i think i just upload a half of it. yup, thank you for those 3 awesome days, Unthernite. you're the best! that will be unforgettable memories. i loved you & gonna miss you all...


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